Clean Glossy Ranks (PSD's Included)

Иконки для групп, ранги и звания для сайтов и форумов.

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Clean Glossy Ranks (PSD's Included)
Автор: Flamingdevastation
A collection of 21 great ranks thrown together by Flamingdevastation. These were all made by Flamingdevastation and all copyright goes to him. PNG and PSD files are included. For any requests on different colors or rank titles, post in the Discussion/Support tab.
These are the ranks included:
-Art Team
-Forum God
-Forum Newb
-Global Mod
-Junior Mod
-Poster I
-Poster II
-Poster III
-Rank I
-Rank II
-Rank III
-Rank IIII
-Spammer I
-Spammer II
-Spammer III
Enjoy! Please give me a good rating/review. Don't forget to post the link to your board if you used this.
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