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«Precise Similar Topics» - Похожие темы для форума.

Сообщение Admin » 18 окт 2015, 14:01

Описание расширения:
  • Это расширение будет отображать список похожих (связанных) темы в нижней части страницы текущей темы. Есть админ настройки панели управления, доступные для тонкой настройки и производительности точных Похожие темы, на вкладке Extensions.

    This extension will display a list of similar (related) topics at the bottom of the current topic's page. It matches keywords in the current topic's title with other topic titles in your board's forums and determines the most relevant and closely matched results. There are Admin Control Panel settings available to fine tune the display and performance of Precise Similar Topics, under the Extensions tab.
  • Displays a list of the most similar/relevant topics at the bottom of the current topic page.
  • Uses a precise and light MySQL query to search topic titles for matches.
  • Similar topics are sorted in order of decreasing relevance.
  • Adjust how many Similar Topics to display per page.
  • Adjust the age-span of topics to display (ie: display similar topics from the past year only).
  • Individually enable/disable the display of similar topics in each forum.
  • You can exempt certain forums from being searched for similar topics.
  • You can define which forums can share similar topics with other forums.
  • A query caching option reduces SQL overhead on large boards.
  • Permission settings for users and groups determine who can view similar topics.
  • Forum privacy is maintained, topics from unauthorized and password-protected forums will not be shown to users who should not see them.
  • Multi-lingual support for stop-words (common words that are ignored).
  • Prosilver and Subsilver2 styles compatibility.
  • Built-in compatibility with my "Topic Preview" extension.

Автор: VSE

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