Ooma Reduces Internet Speed 90%

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Ooma Reduces Internet Speed 90%

Сообщение ricardobrooks » 08 авг 2018, 08:42


I installed my Ooma by directly connecting it to my cable modem and then from Ooma to my router and on to my PC as was the preferred method in the materials I'd read. I recently had my Internet speed increased but I failed to notice an increase in speed. When troubleshooting it with the Tech staff from my ISP they had me disconnect Ooma and connect my computer directly to the cable modem. I did and the speed increased by a factor of 10. I next connected my router to the cable modem and my PC to the router. No drop off in speed. Next I reconnected everything as it had been and I lost 90% of my Internet speed.Apparently, Ooma is reducing the speed of my Internet connection but I am at a loss to understand why. I now have Ooma wired from my router instead of directly connected to my modem.Can you explain why the slow down in Internet speed when I connected Ooma in the preferred manner?

Please help.

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